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I see a line drawn.

How did it get there?
Did I draw it, was it you or did we both draw it?

Communication seems to fall short of this line. Perhaps the depth expressed is too deep for you to meet me at this moment on the journey. Perhaps I cannot reach the shallowness of your shores. Though now I am assuming and here lies the danger of creating illusions spell. Instead I will speak of what I know to be my truth.

I know myself to be a deeply communicative being. It is my curiosity to not only know myself but also to know you. Words spoken offer clarity of who we are, especially if backed by action or inaction. Emotions also speak true, and so reality is how we perceive it to be through these senses.

I understand that we are all going though a great deal and in part there are many times that we don’t want to communicate with another. This though is another assumption. I can just as well assume that us talking can help each other through a great deal. Though enough of these perceived assumptions that birth illusions spell.

Here is my perceived truth with what I have come to know in myself. And in what all of you have either told me, or not said, and your actions and inactions that have followed from this.

I put myself forward to reach out and communicate with you because I find you someone special to me and therefore choose to speak with you. Though, if my words fall short of a reply or response, I would rather not assume why this is so.
Instead I take what I know. And what I know is that I have heard little or nothing back.
Owning my self worth, I have to let go of you and the value that I have perceived in you. Rather than keep reaching out to your shores, only to leave mine empty time and again.

My knowing comes from my senses. If I sense nothing from you, then in my own worth I change the direction of my sail, so that a different wind can meet it and steer me off to other shores that not only great me, yet meet me at my shores too. For what I have come to know, is that my value and worth does not lie with any of you. It has always been mine and how I choose to honour myself. I give my time to another because I see something special within them and it makes me curious to know them true. Yet the path to freedom is meet in the middle and not only at one shore. My truth calls me to take my island that is me whole and true and connect with that of another that is whole and true too.

Yes, we are all going through something and we will continue to go through things, probably for the rest of our lives. Though if someone who is special to you reaches out. Rather than meeting them with silence, take a moment to let them know that you need this silence.
Otherwise they may change their course, not because your not special to them, but because they could not hear you feeling the same in your silence.

Written by Sven Selle .