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The stance of unity is the middle, the center vantage point of a unified view in balance within.

It is from this center balanced, where unity is felt and lived. Both fields held as one; light and shadow, good and bad, positive and negative, masculine and feminine.
Our wounded aspects an expression of too much of the one-sided one. The out of balanced gradient offering us innumerable experiences in dualities game. However, viewed in unity, it is what it is. Neither good or bad. Rather, unity unbalanced.

In duality one does not exist without the other. In unity, two become one. Recognized as to aspects of the same whole, seen and known in balance.

Lean on way or another from the balance point and again dualities gradient is adopted. The gradient offers the contrast in experience. Lean one way or another creates the point of opposition, mirroring back its match in equilibrium.

As the all speaks in metaphor, it mirrors back to the one where balance is and where there is too much give or take, push or pull.

The relationships we have with another is a great indicator of mirroring back to us where the balance gradient is, though it becomes clearer when we treat this reflection as metaphors, rather than point blank perception.

By law of attraction, a pattern held will always draw its match. In this sense, there is always unity, yet not in balance. And therefore we perceive it as duality.

Written by Sven Selle