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“Root word of apocalypse is un-cover”

I know what I like and what I identify with, but I can still exist without that.

So I am not really this!

When going within, especially though my past psychedelic explorations, I discovered and uncovered that there is so much more to myself that I don’t yet know! Yet somehow it seems so very familiar!

Its like I know this, yet I had forgotten somehow. Though I recognise that within me exists vastness yet to be explored.

So, I created an apocalyptic event within me that ripples outwards, that I can discover myself by uncovering all that I am.

In doing so, I’ve recognized that we are all doing this and together we have created the great apocalypse!

Each time we ask, “who am I, why am I, or what is this for”; it adds fuel to this apocalyptic revelation.
All that is illusion shatters, one after the other and it becomes harder to maintain these pretenses. Each layer shattered reveals deeper parts to ourselves.

The start of this apocalyptic event can be frightening, filled with apprehension and resistance. Yet something calls me, pulls me forward. Distant, yet it too is me.
Somehow it seems to be all of us. Perhaps its our deeper knowing nature.

The further along this path, the more inviting we become to this. The deeper we unfold ourselves, facing our darkest and brightest nature. All horrors and blessings exist within us and it’s through acceptance that I make peace with all that I am. I surrender my resistance to myself. Every time I do this, life becomes a little lighter.

And though I feel that I had done the unspeakable, I know the truth of my existence. I can forgive and I can do better.

We all can. And in this we keep shifting, we keep shaping our lives from an unconscious nightmare into a lucid dream where again we become fully realized.
I know not how long this apocalypse will take, yet I am here to see that it keeps being uncovered within myself.

Therefore, I am apocalyptic.

Now and until I have completely uncovered all that I am.