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Community is the state of acceptance within. Within this inner acceptance, I accept everything within my reality as a reflection within me.

I acknowledge what everyone is going through. However, I keep my focus upon myself and what I am offering to the world. I also keep my focus on what I am gratefully receiving.

In this, I live in harmonious balance. The world is made new in each moment within this stance of giving and receiving.

What more could one want, when there is a constant flow of giving and receiving?

This inner acceptance that reflects itself outwards, is not just focused on the lighter inner realities. It also encompasses the harsher inner reality that reflects itself outwards. In this resistance falls away and is replaced by acceptance. Anger is replaced by compassion and again I become the curious discoverer of my own inner cosmos.

This way I release the inner tyrant and again become the noble emperor that desires to know his inner realm and existences that I had once forgotten. In this stance, all of me is invited to show itself and be loved for what it was. None above the other. Yet all part of the unified whole.

And herewith is the stance of complete unified community.