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Poem – 01 – I’d rather mess it up, than keep you in a box
Poem – 02 – An echo from the past
Poem – 03 – The eternal dancer 
Poem – 04 – Free to soar
Poem – 05 – Gypsy soul
Poem – 06 –  Two Worlds
Poem – 07 – Homeward bound
Poem – 00 – End of duality’s game

Poem – 01 – I’d rather mess it up, than keep you in a box

I remember times when we talked for the pure joy of talking to each other. We shared, laughed and cried. We spoke of anything our hearts desired. Mostly it was pure spontaneity, spoken raw. It’s lead us to the uncharted and in this uncharted we were discoverers of each other.

Those were beautiful days and my heart still brightens in recollection.

Now; it feels tedious to converse with another. Perhaps my wounded aspect speaks? Perhaps there is a massive break in how we speak with each other?

How much of our conversations are filtered through addictive defensive layers or laced with agendas? It’s become thought out and structured; I must tell you this for these reasons, here is my shrouded agenda, or here is an article, post or video that you should see. It will help you. Yet never set you free!

Have most of our conversations become preconceived, pre-planned and fixed out of fluidity?

Have we all become each others projects, projecting our shit onto each other? Where are the days of us speaking in joy for the sake of joy? Speaking for the sake of wanting to connect and share as we rediscover each other? Making a joke for the sake of having someone to laugh with?

Now it’s all comments, shares and likes. How many of us would pick up the phone in joy when our loved one call us?

There are so many of you I desire to speak with. Yet when I mention this, I feel your guarded silence.

I’ve connected more with posts than with the authentic, raw and the mess of a spur of the moment interaction. It may feel safer, yet this safety comes at the price of a box. And that is what I’ve come to know you all as.

Pre-planned, life becomes stale. It’s meant to be present, in the moment and in its authenticity, it is raw, ripe and yearning to be expressed.

Unplanned, unexpected authenticity enlivens us. It is unguarded, unfiltered and therefore raw. It leaves us in a spin that can be fright or delight. It leads to the uncharted and in this uncharted we discoverer of each other again.

I’d rather mess it up with any of you, than keep you in a safe box.

By Sven Selle

Poem – 02 – An echo from the past

Have you noticed?
Social media keeps us in the past.
As does everything ever written, directed and composed, even if it was made to last. It may be beautiful, yet it is past and due its date. And from that time and space, nothing new will ever be made.

In presence you create, it’s your gift you give the world in your unique magical way.
Spoken words can be a present as they show us who we are. Yet a message is from the past, possible an echo of what was written from the heart.
When I meet your written words, already you will have changed. Do I now read an echo, quite possible in vain?
I would much rather us speak this day and seize what is here now!
Careful! The past can become your cage.
Perhaps you could let go, and embrace the presence of this day.
It is your dreams I’d love to see, not someone else’s recreated mimicry.
I’d rather see you smile as you create in play. This way its a memory born free, without attachment for us to see.
This too is my echo from the past, hopeful and wishing to set you free at last.
Perhaps now we can meet in this moment, free from our fetters, and rediscover each other as we are and not as we were before. Let us leave the past in nevermore.

Written by Sven Selle

Poem – 03 – The eternal dancer

Today let’s change the rules by which we’ve played.

Release the past and all is once more ours to claim.

There has only ever been now, yet when we own the past it shrouds the nows in the cloak of illusions spell.

Tantalising, yet these are not the dreams we’ve once held.

I invite you to realise that there is only the eternal now.

You could claim it so? So claim it! Or swim in the sea of your held past and woe.

The only way to forgive is to release the past, there was only ever this fluid now, ever changing and it is all that will last.

I have this vision of the dancer in purifying flame, playing and moving as it knows always ‘now’ is the eternal game.

Untouched by the past as it burns it all away.

Radiant and always with love in its heart as it creates its playful lifelong art.

The dancer is the freer, the illusionary past the deceiver.

What is pure will remain. What is not, will burn in flame.

As we torch our past to sunder, the ashes enrich the love we’ve known.

This flame was once a spark hidden within the heart. With passion and love we fan our inner fire.

Excitement and joy is your guiding force, dance with it and let it lead you to your desired source.

Trust the path! For you are a dancer and your life’s expression your creative art.

Yet it all starts with that spark which will become a purifying fire within your heart.

Then you too are the dancer inflame, playing and moving as you remember… Always ‘now’ is the eternal game.

By Sven Selle

Poem – 04 – Free to soar

How strange

I had sought freedom in you through attachments cord, for I could not see it in me no more.

Yet were I to string you up, I’d lose sight of what I saw.

How clouded my vision was, no wonder you would withdraw.

You reflected that hidden part in me that I had forgot, I thought it lost.

You see, my inner eye had been misted, blind from my own freedom it became every so twisted.

So I sought it in another, which was you.

Yet you were a good teacher, and again I see true.

So I thank you.
How strange to seek that through attachment, that which knows no strings?

Yet it is what I sought with an eye that was misted, it all became ever so twisted.

But now I know, that I had always been free, until I spun these cords that anchored me.

At this crossroad, here I cut all cords and again, my spirit is free to soar.

Written by Sven Selle

Poem – 05 – The gypsy soul

Strong in my power as I value my self,

deterred by no thing and no one as all is choice.

Raw to my core, free and expressive as born to be.

Speaking it true, as lived in action and free.

Curious to life and the moments that unfold.

Curious to who I am, who you are and to what it all is,

as I live in wonder moving within fluidity from a place of balance.

Strong within center. Reliant on self,

guided and nourished while in a state of being in love.

Totally in love with the dance that existence presents.

Knowing it flows purest in a stance of presence sense.

In each moment releasing the last and all that ever was before.

To step fully into what is now and here.

Re-cognizing that past and future exist in the presence of now.

A gypsy soul, wild and free, daring to be tamed,

yet illusive as no cord can take hold.

open to meet in loves embrace,

though in the middle and never one sided.

For balance is all, as the one reflects one,

here is the stance of one born free,

yet ready to share love in its balanced purity.

Meet me in the middle, all else can leave me,

for here we are free,

to be out of balance is to be within duality

Written by Sven Selle

Poem – 06 – Two worlds

Where does this feeling move me too?

As I shimmy and twist to this new vibrant tune.

For now I dance to this tune that asks me to move.

Freely letting myself go with the ebb and flow as I step to the new.

Every step taken is the old, as it fades on its way, away from what I knew which is no longer true.

That was the old tune.

There is a new beat that comes from within the earth moving my feet, in procession to the celestial cords as our spirits are restored.

The old me, its faded away, the new me strumming to the new that is free, inviting me to be.

To the old; I dance in harmonic defiance.

To the new; I make you as I co-create my metamorphic truth.

Together we weave the web of unity’s moves.

In you too, there lingers a truth. Tune the instrument that is you.

So play along

Release your melody weaving it to the cosmic tapestry.

Play along

We are all meant to embrace the new.

Yes, Play along,

Your tune adds to beauty and we would all see you true to the new vibrant tune that is best played with you.

Written by Sven Selle

Poem – 07 – Homeward bound

Willows woe and wonders lust,

Fair maidens and devil’s peaks.

Hidden pains and truths abound.

Life filling, yet fears flowing.

Momentary weakness and eternal strengths.

We are what we are, answering the call to our higher self.

The clarion call. It beacons, our spirit heeds it’s piercing sound.

As by invisible thread, it draws us home.

Not by destination or place.

Yet by sensation, a feeling.

A sense of belonging, a heart that beats free.

The call enlivens, returning the darkened spirit from the death of stale life.

Soul invigorating, pattern shattering, life expanding.

Eternal now, the bliss of life.

Follow the call of your joy and that what excites.

Its your spirit and it knows the way.

We are homewards bound.

In the heart, it’s comes alive, for the beat will never die.

Free flowing, own truth.

knowing, love, you are glowing, home is unfolding.

Written by Sven Selle

Poem – 00 – End of duality’s game

First there was the united one, yet by agreement they become undone, then they were two.

Each saw each other. The light the night, the dark that which was bright.

Both of the same source in love for each other.

The two that were one, created a game, contrast and all. First as a circle that then took a twist.

One side so bright that there was only light, the other so dark, where there was not even a spark.

They stretched and mingled through infinities stage.

Contrast through shadow and light so they might experience the game of duality delight and fright.

A final look of remembrance as they both smiled at each other.

They shook in accord.

The two that were one forgot and so the game was afoot.

Through infinities loop, they continued to split with a twist wearing every disguise and played to experience every conceptual cord of creation.

They continued to take on more and more incarnations.

The world continuously spun around the glowing ball, illusion as light and night played its game of fright and delight.

Spiralling to the cosmic clock through this linear storyboard.

Yet now the game draws to a close and again remembrance dawns as the light and the Night remember their age old completed accord.

What was one became duality’s two and now two return to unity’s one.

And in this the Aquarian age is born.

The age old game comes to an end as the world and all of us ascend.

Written by Sven Selle

Art by Sven Selle