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Our shadows are created by denying the truth for what it is.

The truth will always present itself, however, we can choose to turn away from this truth by denying it.

By denying it, we create a pattern around it. The more we deny the truth that shows itself to us, the bigger the pattern around it gets, the more hidden the truth becomes, the more the truth projects its shadow to be seen.

The pattern is a dance of conscious avoidance, however the more we deny the truth, the more the pattern grows and shows up in our life. In a sense, we empower the pattern though our avoidance of truth.

Eventually the pattern is so big, that no matter where we look, the truth will always show its shadow.

This is the creation of illusion. If you wish to again see truth, you must dispel the illusion by acknowledging the shadow, by being grateful to it for showing you the way back to truth. Through contemplation and integration we move back into truth and the pattern is once again integrated.

“Make the unconscious conscious again and then the truth will present itself.”

It is not in vain that we do this, as it shows us what the truth is not and knowing what the truth is not, leads us deep into the awareness of what truth is. This way it becomes unmistakable.

Therefore, bless your shadows as this is how you reclaim your light by stepping back into your truth. .

Written by Sven Selle