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If I were to let go of all of it and come back to myself, what would I have left?

Would there still be a destination, or would the destination always be here in this moment with what’s before me?

Would I wonder what others thought, felt and expected of me?

Where would this leave me?

Or better yet, what would I be left as?

What remains?

Perhaps a complete return to my core. After a grand release of all that I’ve every taken on.

The identities that I’ve clung to would fall away and what remains are my core characteristics with a new found sense of curiosity.

The exquisite sense of being alive, the sheer wonder of the experience of what is before me. The wonder of discovery and following the inner characteristic of what my core drives wish to know in life.

I would no longer be lost in the stories that shape these false identities through illusionary perceptions. Perhaps I would become pure awareness, unhindered. Rather a fluidity of being and experience. Limitations would not exist, yet the boundaries would expand from inwards, rather than contract from the outer backlash of past held constrictions.

It would be driven by a curiosity that wishes to know what it is to explore and experience.

The guiding force would be what fills me with joy and excitement. What hurts and comes with pain would be honored and felt as a release to make space for more of the new. Again seen as sacred, as this also offers up an experience and contrast to the delights of life.

Yet it would be felt in full, as this too is part of the experience of life.

The only destination would be here in this now moment. Always here, embraced as life embraces. Always with what is before me.

My destination would be in every moment. The intention to experience is my compass. My choices my directive. Always lead by my inner curiosity of what each new moment will bring.

The past would be fully released, the present fully felt and the future a complete mystery to be experienced when it comes to meet me.

I would again be the unknown, making itself known. Always in love with the mystery and guided by my curiosity.

Written by

Sven Selle